2016 Audi A4: Botox won’t help certainly

Yesterday night, I switched on the T.V. and while going through the list about what was on offer at 12 in the night, I saw that a repeat telecast of the IIFA Awards was being aired. So, in order to kill my boredom I tuned in. While I was watching that show, I noticed that Rekha was also present there and to be honest, that got me thinking. For the people who don’t know who she is, let me tell you that she is an Indian actress who is famous for not acting, but; Botox. 

YES, you got me right. At the age of 61 she still looks as young and beautiful as if she was born yesterday and which is good news for a lot of old chaps as it makes them all warm and gooey. But, the thing is though, that at this age and at this point of time she is not what you’d call beautiful. 

And there is a pretty good reason for that, because we all know deep down, that its all because of  the surgeries and treatments that she has undergone to look like this. Its all fake and it certainly doesn’t help her in bagging any projects.

Same is the case with the 2016 Audi A4. You see, what Audi has done there is the same thing which Rekha has done to herself. And at the first glance it’s sure as hell visible. It’s all just a result of a bit of tinkering done using botox. That design is not what you’d call Revolutionary. It looks like as if they were in a hurry, “Oh zit, gentlemann we have to do diez befur Mercedes and BMW” and I’m sorry but they have failed,badly. Audi had 4 years to them, to make something extraordinary and look what they’ve come up with. I mean if you really want to see what Revolutionary looks like, see the new Mercedes C-Class. That thing is drop-dead gorgeous, make no mistake.

The A4 is a kind of a mixed bag at the design front. It neither is as sharp as a 3 series nor is it as gorgeous as the C-Class. What always has been my perception about Audi sedans is that, they are bought by the chap who has recently made some fortunes and wants to tell it out-loud to the whole world.  You have to agree with me on this as except for technology this company has nothing on offer. If you want performance, you’ll surely by a 3 series and if you want luxury, you’ll go for the C-Class. But, all what the A4 offers is just toys and gizmos, which as a part of the marketing strategy, works very well here in India. Biggest example of this thing are the LED Daytime-running lights, which for your knowledge were made compulsory by the government of the Scandinavian countries where it is persistently dark during the winter season . But, here in India thanks to Audi it has become a fashion statement. Due to which,people got attracted towards Audi’s as what people need here is BLING. 


The new Audi A4 is based on the flexible MLB platform that extends all the way to the Q7. Which also means that underneath it is a Skoda Octavia or a Volkswagen Jetta as Audi is a part of the Volkswagen group which means they all are brothers and sisters. You get all the equipment and gizmos in a much cheaper Octavia and honestly you are only fooled by the 4 rings on the bonnet. The car’s interior is what,I’d say one of the best in the segment. It’s more or less the same as the one in the new Q7, which is a very good news. It comes loaded with Audi’s brilliant virtual cockpit,MMI system with a touchpad, three zone climate control, electronic parking brake, reversing camera with front and rear sensors. As you can see its just gizmos that’s on offer, nothing else.

As of now, the A4 is being offered only with the 1.4-litre underpowered TSI petrol engine which only develops around 148bhp and just 250Nm of torque and comes mated to a 7-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox which by far, is one of the best automatic gearbox. But, as time progresses Audi will bring back the larger 1.8-litre TSI petrol and 2.0-litre four cylinder turbo-diesel. These engines are quite refined and the engine at cruising speeds hums like a monk. Don’t expect blistering performance from this car all thanks to that electronic steering unit and I’d say lets leave this department for BMW. Space in the rear has also increased but, you’ll only make someone sit in the middle if you really hate them the most, as due to the centre tunnel there is no space for the third person at all which at the end of a long journey could only end in a person leaving you forever.

All in all, its a good package for those who know nothing about cars and also for those who are very much interested in playing with gizmos. The Botox treatment also hasn’t helped much in this case and this car sits in the middle of the C-class and the 3 series, not offering you the best of both worlds. Moreover, I don’t think middle is a good place to be.

-By Pranav Mehta


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  1. Sudhir Saini says:

    hey thanks bro , this helped me a lot, my father told me to buy this car , but after i told my father to read this post , he has changed his mind and now he will ofcourse buy a C class, thanks buddy Pranav Mehta

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pranav1508 says:

      Hey Sudhir, I’m glad my work helped you out and you can ask your queries by just dropping a comment. Will always try to help you 😊


  2. adhiraj gupta says:

    Let me know which suv i can buy at the price between 15 to 18 lakhs good suv performance and features wise……….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pranav1508 says:

      Sir, if you have any queries you can contact me via email :pranavmehta6@gmail.com


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