2016 Ford Mustang: Writing cheques that it can’t cash?

This Sunday, while I was sipping my coffee at Costa Coffee, I overheard two men talking about watches…and obviously not about Titan’s or Casio’s but, about the fake Rolex’s and Omega’s, that they  were wearing and trying to explain each other what, Swiss movement is  and how their watches are ‘better’ than the other.And obviously as you’d expect they weren’t really quite well brushed.

But, I was rather quite well able to relate this situation, with what is currently going on in our car industry.And that clearly brings me to the door of the Ford Mustang. You see, Ford have brought the Mustang to the Indian shores and I knew that, one day there will come this situation which I like to call, the ‘Mustang Effect’ and you can  clearly see why?!

You see, the problem with people here in India is that people follow the trend blindly. I mean if you look around, you’ll find  people going crazy about Pokemon GO or still sobbing over the last season of Game of Thrones, even if they haven’t seen a single episode.Then what is this fuss all about??  To avoid looking like a FOOL in front of others, even if every evening they take a deep breath when Simar  from “Sasural Simar ka” doesn’t die even if some Anaconda eats her alive…

Same is the case with the Mustang , people who have never ever heard of it  in there lives or the people who think that every other car in The Fast and The Furious franchise is a Mustang are constantly nagging about how they love this car, all over the social media. I’m not against the  people who like it but, the people that annoy me are the ones who know nothing about the car and for them every other red sports car is a “Ferrari”. Yes, I agree its an icon but, to me its not a great car…and let’s be honest it’s made in Detroit by some fat man named ‘Bob’ and you can’t associate reassuring terms like AGILITY or PRECISION to this name…could you?

And, as beating around the bush won’t help..let’s come straight to the point. People have a general misconception that Mustang’s are fast…But, the reality is they are not. They are like Harley Davidson’s and much to my knowledge they are not quite as fast as a Suzuki Hayabusa for that matter. Same is the case with the Mustang, it has gathered all the hype which it needed right from the 2016 Auto Expo, thanks to the Indian public which is utterly amused  by each and every other new car they see… And let’s face it people are crazy about it and I don’t see a point in that, as at Rs. 65 lac it’s not what you’d call CHEAP whereas in America this car costs around Rs.16 lacs and when you first see this car from the inside you get to know that this is not worth the high price. Secondly, it does have a fire breathing ,5.0l V8 which produces near about 396 bhp and 515 Nm, which I have to say is quite less as compared to the size of the engine. I mean Porsche is able to extract more power even from a flat-six! Then what’s the point in having an iconic V8 which cannot deliver the power that it should be delivering?! And plus even after being a Rear-wheel Drive car, it tends to understeer and not oversteer which is quite odd, all thanks to the gearbox and the independent rear suspension, which is a first in a Mustang. People are also drooling over the bangs and crackles that the exhaust produces but,that said if you really want to hear what an exhaust sounds like…better listen to the Jaguar F-type. The Mustang’s exterior and looks are writing cheques which the car can’t cash…

The interiors are made out of plastics that belong to the Figo and not the Mustang…and you do get a sense of being in a much cheaper car,which it actually is.                                        It also has something called a Line-Lock feature which allows you to warm-up the rear tyres by applying the brakes to the front wheels, so that you could contribute to some Global Warming and to be honest, Ford really does know how to bring out the 9 year old in you.

All in all what i’d really want to say is that, yes it has a bonkers dashboard and a lot of other shortcomings but, you really can’t ignore the fact that it provides with something that you don’t get with other cars…and that’s HERITAGE.

So,  I want that people should not always follow the trend blindly and also that they should not compare it with other sports car, as it is a Grand Tourer and is not meant for Track days and not to see how fast you can tackle some corners because, as we learn Mustang’s are not really good at corners. And even if you want to own one, better buy a 1965 Ford Mustang…




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  1. Ashi says:

    You wrotee sooo wellllll😍 Just amazing workk😃 Keepp it up. All my best wishess☺️

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    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thanks very much… Glad you liked my work…


  2. Aayush Aggarwal says:


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    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thank you very much… Glad you liked it


  3. Khushi singla says:

    well done Pranav….vry well written…😊😊😊

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    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thank you very much 😊


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