What makes Lamborghini’s Special:The raging bull from Italy

In the olden days, the ultimate speed king was Ferrari. We are talking about the 60’s where a normal saloon car would take months to reach a 100 kilometres an hour and then their was Ferrari which was at  the top of this game, making cars which would take  around 6 seconds and would run rings around a saloon car…But then, Lamborghini entered the game and their is a bit of a story to tell…

You see Ferruccio Lamborghini was a farmer from the start who made tractors. Over a period of time he became so successful that he was one of the wealthiest people in Italy. He owned a Ferrari which gave him some trouble which was related to the gearbox. Being familiar with all the mechanical stuff,he tried to fix it but rather surprisingly found out that Ferrari used the same clutch which was used in one of his tractors. Surprised and rather furious, he wrote a letter to Ferrari in order to complain about the low quality parts used in a Ferrari. This was not at all welcomed by Enzo Ferrari and he being an arrogant man,told Ferruccio that he was a “farmer” and should mind his own business because the problem was with him,not the car.

Ferruccio vowed to make a car worthy of beating a Ferrari. What he ended up making was the Miura, the car which instigated the trend of mid-engined,two seater sports car. It was undoubtedly the fastest production road car which was available in the 60’s. Lamborghini’s were quite a task to drive…the clutch pedal felt as if you were pushing a big rock with your left leg, the steering was heavier than most mountains and you died of exhaustion as you’d have to get out of the car in order to reverse it or else you’ll crash in your neighbours Ford Cortina because it was impossible to see out of the back. But, these were the few niggles that made them special and different…

Lamborghini started to make cars which made the best bedroom wallpapers…They had the flair and passion complemented with outrageous styling. Whether its the outrageous Countach or the bonkers Diablo, they had it in them and I honestly love that these stupid cars exist… A modern day supercar is very user friendly and you can reverse it without crashing.But,nowadays Lambo’s are also more into sense than nonsense and that is all because they want to sell cars and it has become their main motive…which is not Lamborghini’s are known for… I believe they should be preposterous because if you want to buy a car that has five- way traction control or the one that could go through a corner at million km’s an hour then you would buy a Ferrari instead…but, you’d buy a Lambo if you want to drive slowly in a city and want to wake some people up in the night… But, sadly though Audi took over Lamborghini in 1998 which meant that all that madness and flair was lost somewhere because now it was more about form and function rather than bonkers styling….

According to me, no person should be not be allowed to design a Lamborghini if he is not a child at heart or  he is not drunk…because Lambo’s have to be mental they should be having  flame throwers and lasers coming out of the headlights. Let’s take the new Huracan as an example, i don’t think that its good looking in any way nor does it have the flair of its elder sibling the Aventador because Lamborghini nowadays is more into selling cars and that’s what gets my goat because I know Lamborghini and I know they can do so much better and to be honest I don’t think the Huracan is as good as the Gallardo which is by far- one of the best Lamborghini ever made and although it wasn’t all about precision and all but it still outsold the Ferrari 458 Italia….

The Huracan is basically an Audi underneath which is a good thing and a bad thing…the good part is that as its an Audi underneath which means all the electrical will work and the bad thing is that its not truly a Lamborghini.  What we are left with is the fact that in order to sell more cars…Lamborghini has given up on the flair or the panache which it once had and let’s face it just by giving dramatic names to car will not make it a Lamborghini….


-By Pranav Mehta


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  1. Nishchint Dhawan says:

    I agree

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  2. Aayush Aggarwal says:

    Totally agree
    Awsome work once again bro !!

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    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thank you very much.


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