Will the bigger engines survive the coming decade?

A few days back i was reading an article which said that,due to more strict emission norms in the European Union its becoming difficult for the manufacturers to cope up with the increasing pressure to bring down the emissions and increase the fuel efficiency or THE SO CALLED ‘POLAR BEARS’ WILL DIE!! Now, the thing is though that aren’t their any other options to lower down the pollution levels?

I think that the lorries and trucks in india are using very old technologies and aren’t fuel efficient,are they?? 

These so called ‘ENVIRONMENTALISTS’ portray as if they are the only ones who care for the environment, which is not true actually… I mean i as an individual also want a cleaner environment to live but should that come at the cost of our own ‘roots?’. Does moving forward means that one should forget from where he started? These high-performance engines are like our roots, for petrolheads this is where we belong! So, from the environmentalists point of view we all should now drive the ‘TOYOTA PRIUS’, i mean like really? Why should we always see the brighter picture? Is anyone aware of how much it takes to build a Toyota Prius? I’ll tell you, it takes just the double of a similar sized car. In fact, more fossil fuel is needed to build hybrid vehicles than a conventional car!! Shocking isn’t it?! Without knowing all this, how can you come to a conclusion? So, the environmentalists are like “why are the petrol heads so happy? Let’s take up some stupid environmental stuff and connect it with cars! I don’t think that cars and especially bigger engines are the reason behind the rising pollution. I mean for example, How many times a man who owns a Ferrari or a Lamborghini goes out for drive or takes his car out of the garage? The answer is only once in a week or not even that, so how are these bigger engines causing pollution? Nowadays a lot of carmakers a shying away from bigger engines BMW’s current generation M5 for example has a V8 instead of a V10, AMG’s are ditching V12’s in favour of V8’s..according to some its called”Moving with the times” But that’s not easy for a flagship car of a brand like Ferrari or Lamborghini or Mercedes for example, Big V12’s are like their ‘Signature Dish’, it defines the car. But you see nowadays companies are growing in favour of smaller engines that are turbocharged like the one in the Mclaren 650S features a 3.8L twin turbo V8 and with the help of turbocharging they are able to extract staggering amount of horsepower from a much smaller engine. So with the help of lighter materials and better engineering solutions the speed machines will LIVE ON!! But, the sad part is that the extinction of these big engines is inevitable…and we have to accept that.  

-Pranav Mehta.


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  1. Jishnu bakshi says:

    Seriously its amazing 👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thank you very much… I’m glad you liked it


  2. akshay says:

    This is true and even its very eye catching thing but no one is making a light on that part I m very happy to see it

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pranav1508 says:

      Thank you very much Sir.


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